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Registering for exams


In this video, we show you how to register for exams in C@MPUS.
You can only sign up for exams during the registration period!
A manual in written form with screenshots can be found here
Any questions? For tech support, contact the C@MPUS support team, for questions regarding the exams contact the examinations office
Hello and welcome to a short tutorial.
This video deals with the registration of exams via Campus.
You can only register for exams during the so-called exam registration period.
The Examinations Office will send a circular mail when the registration period starts, so keep an eye on your university e-mail.
The dates for the registration period are also published online at https://www.student.uni-stuttgart.de/en/organizing-studies/semester-dates/.
Normally, the exam registration period begins about four weeks after the lectures started and lasts about four weeks.
You can access Campus by entering campus.uni-stuttgart.de in your browser.
There, you need to log in with your short user ID (consisting of st and the number assigned to you) and your password.
To do so, click on "Anmelden".
In order to register for exams, click on "Mein Studium".
You can register modules via the curriculum.
If there is a semester plan for your study program, you can also register for exams via the semester plan.
Click on "Semesterplan" in order to display the modules arranged by semester.
Then, click on the respective semester for which you want to register exams for
Click on the corresponding module afterwards.
Thereafter, a list of the corresponding courses appears.
The uppermost course is the exam, recognizable by the red dot with the letter "P".
Please note that there might be several exams you have to register for in some modules.
Click on the name of the exam.
Then, click on the green arrow that has just appeared.
A new tab opens itself.
There, you can find further information about the exam. Click on "Zur Anmeldung".
A pop-up window appears. You will probably have to scroll down a bit in order to click on "Anmelden" shortly afterwards.
You receive the notification "Anmeldung erfolgreich durchgeführt" and need to confirm that by clicking on "OK".
You can find an overview of your registered exams under "Meine Prüfungstermine".  There, it is also possible to deregister exams. You can only deregister "lehrveranstaltungsbegleitende Prüfungen" (course-accompanying exam) during the exam registration period.

In case of any questions and problems, you can find our support addresses and links to further videos in the video description.