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Your first step: activate your student account!


We show you how to activate your student account through our identity mangement system SIAM.
You'll begin the process at campus.uni-stuttgart.de and will later be redirected to SIAM.
Written instructions with screenshots are available here.
Any questions? Don't hesitate to contact the C@MPUS support team.
Hello and welcome to a short tutorial.
This video deals with the activation of the student account. This account enables you to use all digital services of the University of Stuttgart (e.g. to sign up for exams, to get access to materials for your courses, or the access to the university e-mail address).
Up to now, you had an "applicant account" which was used for the application to the University of Stuttgart. This account is going to be deactivated soon after your enrollment. Therefore, you should activate your student account, also called st-account, as soon as possible. 
It works like this:
Go to  campus.uni-stuttgart.de

There, you need to enter the access data of your applicant account and to click on "Anmelden".
Select "Basis-Anwender" in the next window.
Click on "Weiter" in the following window.
Then, click on "Aktivierung des Studierendenaccounts".
At this point, you can see the user ID of your st-account. → Make a note of the user ID since you will need it for every future login.
After that, click on "Aktivieren Sie ihren ST-Account".
 You will be forwarded to SIAM then. On SIAM, you can administrate your account in the future. More about this can be found in our video on SIAM.
Enter your username (consisting of st and the number assigned to you @ stud.uni-stuttgart.de) and choose a password. You have to reenter the password in the field below.
Click on "Aktivieren" then.
Your activation will be confirmed in the next window.
Please note that in some cases it can take up to 24 hours 
In case of any questions and problems, you can find our support addresses and links to further videos in the video description.

You can use all our digital services (like ILIAS, webmail etc) with one single account: your st-account. 
All central settings for this account, for example changing your password, are done in SIAM.
In case that you have forgotten your password, please contact the User Helpdesk.
You can find the video for the activation of the Webex account here.
Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact the User Helpdesk .
Hello and welcome to a short tutorial.
This video is about SIAM.
What is SIAM?
SIAM is the identity management of the university.
Access SIAM by entering siam.uni-stuttgart.de in your browser.
There, you log in with your short user ID (consisting of st and the number assigned to you) and your password. Log yourself in through clicking on "Anmelden".
It is possible to change your passwort on SIAM. → In case that you forgot your password, please contact the TIK Helpdesk (German abbreviation: BERA).
You can also activate your Webex account via SIAM. → We will show you how this can be done in a separate video.
In case of any questions and problems, you can find our support addresses in the video description.