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Study Management - C@MPUS Overview


The „C@MPUS Overview“ video shows you how to

  • activate your Uni student account

  • log in to C@MPUS with your student account

  • use the C@MPUS user interface

  • register for your courses

Welcome to the "C@MPUS Overview" of our "Study Management" series.     
The first semester of your new studies is going to start soon, and you're wondering how to register for your courses.     
Your first point of contact is the C@MPUS system. 
C@MPUS is the university's central study management system.
With this administrative system, you chart your degree program, register for your courses, and register for your exams.
This video introduces you to C@MPUS and shows you:
How you activate your student account, how you log in, what C@MPUS looks like and how to register for your first course
So, let's go!

To take full advantage of all C@MPUS features, first you must activate your student account.    
To do this, first go to the C@MPUS website campus.uni-stuttgart.de and log in with your applicant data. 
Notice you can choose between two user account profiles: Students and Basic User.  
Choose the Basic User.    
In the Basic User profile,  you will see the familiar interface with the application tiles.
To start the activation process, click "Activation of the student account."
Now you will receive your personal user ID for your student account, or in short, your "st" account. 
Please make note of our personal user ID because you will need it for each login.
By clicking on "Activate your st account," you will be redirected to SIAM.
SIAM is a service to set or change your password.   
Here you can enter your user ID consisting of st and your assigned number and choose a password. 
After clicking on "Activate," the activation will be confirmed in the next window.
Please note that in some cases it can take up to 24 hours until your account is activated for all platforms of the university.

Now, how do you log in?     
Back to the C@MPUS start page, you must enter your personal user ID and your password.    
Once your account is activated, you will be asked to explicitly switch from your basic account to the student account in order to use all features.    
If you check the box down below, the request will not appear in the future.    
From now on, you can always log in with your personal user ID and your password. 
After you log in, recent news, such as C@MPUS updates, will be straight on display. 
Clicking on "Continue" will redirect you to to the homepage of your account.
Generally, your homepage is divided into two sections.     
The top half is your favourite section to load in your frequently used apps.     
The area below is a collection of all feature apps to manage your study and courses. 

The most important one is the "My Study Program" application.     
"My Study Program" is an overview of your current studies.    
First, the app contains your study plan.     
A study plan is curriculum support that outlines the modules and courses of your study program.    
The plan gives you an orientation to which courses you must take and which you can choose from.    
Check your "My Study Program" app to see what your degree plan looks like.
Second, the app contains your access to the course and exam registration.

Let's register for a course together!    
To find out which courses are offered for the first semester, we switch to the semester plan view.    
Opening the first semester section and clicking on the first course results in three nodes.     
The red “P” node represents the exam registration path.     
The blue "LV" node represents the course registration path,    
one for a lecture registration, and another for the tutorial registration.     
You can register for courses only during an individual registration period.    
This period is different for each course.     
To register a course, we open the "LV" node and click on the green arrow next to the courses.     
In the next window, we select the node for which we are registering the course.    
If you register your course via the semester schedule, you normally do not have to change anything in this window.
After that we will be redirected to the main registration page.     
After selecting the lecture and pressing the register button, a notification about the registration pops up.     
If there are no semester plan views for your study program, you will need to register your courses through the "Curriculum".
As soon as you have registered for a course via C@MPUS, you are also automatically registered for the course in ILIAS, where you have access to the content if your instructor has made content available.     
Please note that in some cases it can take up to 24 hours until the course will be displayed in ILIAS.     
In C@MPUS, the registered course will also be displayed in the “My Courses” app.     
Last but not least, you'll be using the "My Study Program" app a lot during your studies!
To make sure you don't forget which app to use for registration, add the app to your favorite section by clicking the corner star.

Okay--let's summarize what we've learned.     
C@MPUS is the university's study management system to administer your studies.     
Before you can use any of the university systems, you must first activate your student account via C@MPUS.     
With your personal user ID and your set password, you now have access to all university systems, including C@MPUS.    
The most important app in C@MPUS is "My Study Program" to get your study plan and to register for your courses and exams.     
As soon as you have registered for a course via C@MPUS, you are also automatically registered for the course in ILIAS, where you have access to the content if the instructor has made it available. 

Let's discover your C@MPUS!