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ILIAS: A short introduction


In this video we introduce you to ILIAS.

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Hello and welcome to a short tutorial. This video is one of four videos,
which will introduce you to the most important platforms that are used at the University of Stuttgart.
This video is about ILIAS, our central learning platform. You may get to ILIAS by entering ilias.uni-stuttgart.de in your browser.
After clicking on the "Login" button on the top right corner, a new login window appears.
There you log in with your short user ID (consisting of st and the number assigned to you) and by entering your password. After that, click on "Log in".
What is ILIAS used for?
On ILIAS, you can find all learning materials for your lectures, like videos, scripts, and exercises. Lecturers also use it to announce their office hours, to share links of Webex meetings and for organizational matters.
Some lecturers also use ILIAS in live events, for instance for live votings and for cooperative work through shared documents and forums.
All seminars with ILIAS courses, which you have registered for on C@MPUS, automatically appear in the menu on the left under "Meine Kurse und Gruppen". Click on the menu item "Kommunikation" and then on "Mail" to see your ILIAS mails. In addition to system messages which for example inform you about your course memberships, ILIAS mails may contain messages from your lecturers. ILIAS mails will also be forwarded to your student e-mail address.
To check, if something has changed in your courses, for instance if new files have been added, click on "Kommunikation" and then on "Neuigkeiten". Please note that this function must be switched on by the lecturer of the respective course.
Within ILIAS, you can mark courses or single pages that you frequently use as favorites. To do so, click on "Aktionen" in the upper right corner and then on "Zu Favoriten hinzufügen". Your favorites will be displayed on the dashboard afterwards.
In case of any questions and problems, you can find our support addresses and links to further videos in the video description.