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Copy, archive, leave, and delete projects


In this video, you will learn how projects can be copied, archived, left, and deleted.

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Hello and welcome to a short tutorial.
In this video we will show you how you can copy, archive, leave, and delete projects in Conceptboard.

[Copy projects]
If you are a project member with editor rights, you are able to copy a project.
You may do this in the board overview by clicking on the dot menu next to the respective project. Afterwards, click on "Duplizieren".
Give the copied project a name and click on "Projekt kopieren" afterwards.
All the boards you are a member of in the original project will now appear in the copied project.
You are the owner of the copy and all contained boards now. Additionally, you are able to add new members to the project. We show you how that can be done in the video "Projekte erstellen und teilen".

[Archive projects]                                                                    
To archive a project means that it gets relocated in a write-protected form from the board overview into the archive. It is visible for all project members that have editor rights in the archive afterwards. In order to archive a project, click on "Archivieren" in the dot menu next to the respective project. Confirm the archiving by clicking on "Projekt archivieren".
If you want to edit an archived project again, any project member with editor rights can retrieve the project from the archive. In order to do so, click on "Archivierung aufheben" in the dot menu next to the respective project in the archive folder. To complete the process, click on "Projekt reaktivieren".

[Leave projects]
If you don´t want to work on a project any longer, you can "leave" it. In order to do so, click on "Einstellungen" in the dot menu next to the the respective project in the board overview and after that on "Projekt verlassen". Confirm the process by clicking on "Projekt verlassen" again. The project and its boards will no longer appear in your board and project overview.

[Delete projects]
Only the owner of a project can permanently delete a project. In order to do that, click on "Einstellungen" in the dot menu and afterwards on "Löschen". Confirm the deletion by clicking on "Projekt löschen". Projects can only be deleted if they do not contain any boards. You can also delete boards that you own via the respective dot menu. Boards that you do not own in the project can be relocated to the board overview of the respective owner by dragging and dropping them onto "Boards". For doing so, you do not need to know who owns the board.

In case of any questions and problems, you can find our support addresses and links to further videos in the video description.