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Create and share projects


In this video, you will learn what projects are, how they can be created and how they can be shared.

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Hello and welcome to a short tutorial.
In this video, we will show you how to create and share projects in Conceptboard.

Projects are the organizational units in Conceptboard. They resemble a workgroup.
Within a project, you and all project members are able to create as many new boards as you wish.
All project members can edit all boards within a project in the default setting.
Click on the "+" next to "Projekte" in order to create a new project.
Afterwards, you need to give the project a name and to click on "Erstellen".
Click on your new project which can be found under "Projekte" in order to open the project settings.
In order to invite other people to a project, click on the blue circle containing the "add new members icon" in the upper right corner.
Invite new project members via their e-mail address and decide whether they shall become an editor, reviewer or a viewer when becoming a member of the project.
We'll explain in another video how you can manage the roles and rights of others and what each role means.
You may enter a short message if you want and need to click on "Teilen" then.

In case of any questions and problems, you can find our support addresses and links to further videos in the video description.