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How to sign up; Copy and share boards


In this video, you will learn how you sign up for Conceptboard and how boards can be created and shared.

We also offer classes and a board where you can learn at your own speed. Find more information in the Conceptboard ILIAS course.

Any questions? Contact us! dw-support@tik.uni-stuttgart.de
Hello and welcome to a short tutorial.

In this video, we will show you how you can register on Conceptboard, create your own board, and how you can share your boards with others.
Type uni-stuttgart.conceptboard.com into your browser.
Afterwards, click on "Single Sign-On Login".
Enter your user ID and your password in the login window of the university and click on "Anmelden".
In the next window, you need to confirm the submission of your data. Afterwards, you need to scroll down a bit and to click on "Akzeptieren" there.
You have now reached your personal page on Conceptboard.
The default language is English. In order to switch to German, click on your initials in the upper right corner.
Thereafter, you need to select "Edit Profile".
Click on the circle next to "Deutsch" and save your changes by clicking on "Save all changes".
Click on "Zurück" to return to the home page.
To create a board, click on "+ Neues Board".
A new tab has just opened with your new board.
To rename the board, click on "Umbenanntes Board" in the middle at the top and type in a name.
Save the name by clicking on "Umbenennen".
To work collaboratively on the board, you need to share the access to the board. You can create and distribute a link or may invite members of the university directly via their email address.
In order to share the board, click on "Share".
You can also add a passwort protection to your the board by clicking on "Ändern". So as to enter a password, click on the slider next to "Passwort festlegen".
Click on "Link kopieren" in order to copy the link. You can distribute the link afterwards via mail or messenger.
In order to invite others directly via email, you can enter email addresses of university members and select their role on the board.
After having entered the email address, click on Enter on your keyboard. After that, click on "Share". You can now see the conformation of the invitation.
We'll explain in another video how you can manage the roles and rights of others and what each role means.

In case of any questions and problems, you can find our support addresses and links to further videos in the video description.