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C@MPUS: a short introduction


We show you how to use C@MPUS to sign up for classes and exams, check your grades or download certificates. 
Other videos what were mentioned: Registering for exams; Creation of a timetable and the incorporation of a calendar

Any questions? Contact us! support@campus.uni-stuttgart.de

Hello and welcome to a short tutorial.
This video is one of four videos that introduce you to the most important platforms used at the University of Stuttgart.
This video is about Campus.
You get to Campus by typing campus.uni-stuttgart.de into your browser.
There, you log in with your short username (consisting of st and the number assigned to you) and your password.
To do so, click on "Anmelden".
What is Campus used for?
You have already used C@MPUS for your application and enrollment.
In everyday university life, Campus is primarily used to register for courses and exams. 
Please note: If you register for a course, you are not automatically registered for the corresponding exam.
You have to register for the exam separately during the exam registration period.
We will show you how this can be done in another video.
When you register for a lecture, it gets automatically listed in your timetable.
We will show you how to work with the campus timetable in another video.
You will be able to see your exam results under "Meine Leistungen" later on.
All important certificates like the certificate of enrollment and the semester stamp can be found under "Meine Studienbescheinigungen".
In case of any questions and problems, you can find our support addresses in the video description.